Hillcrest High School, Dallas, Texas- Class of 1965

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Special Message from Peter Vogel - The Webmaster for hillcrest65.com

I made the mistake of missing the first planning committee 13 months ago and thereby volunteered to manage this website….it’s been an interesting and challenging experience and it’s hard to believe that the Reunion is upon us. The current website barely resembles the first one I built last year, and I appreciate any comments about the site that anyone has.

I particularly want to thank Sue and David Cox, Joleta Bailey Bishop, and Steve Watson for their outstanding leadership for our class reunion, and pleased that so many classmates have signed up for the reunion and sent materials to fill in this website.

On a personal note it sure helps to manage the website that I have a masters in computer science and worked with computers since 1967, however for the past 28 years as a lawyer representing buyers and sellers of computers and Internet services. Also for the past 5 years I have been teaching a course at SMU Dedman Law School on the Law of eCommerce. My day job is as a trial lawyer at Gardere Wynne Sewell in Dallas where I am co-Chair of our Internet and Computer Technology Practice Group and Chair of our Electronic Discovery and Document Retention Group.

My wife Marguerite Burtis is a Speech Language Pathologist in private practice (www.burtisnoel.com), and October 1, 2005 is our wedding anniversary of 1,514 (consecutive) weeks.

Apparently the apples are not falling far from the tree…. our older son John-Paul, aka JP, (25) is a third year law student at St. Mary’s Law School in San Antonio (my alma mater). Our younger son Stephen is 22 and a recent graduate of American University in Washington, DC (where I got my masters), and is currently in the web design business (www.stephenvogel.com).

It’s been a blast reading about all our classmates, posting messages, and photos. I really look forward to the reunion. See you there.

Peter Vogel pvogel@gardere.com


September 27 from Dennis Birenbaum


Regretfully, I have tried to change our ticket reservation and trip that we have planned ftom September 25 - October 2, at the lodge of Pebble Beach. Unfortunately, the other couples we are traveling with have no other time to take the trip and we cannot change our reservations. I would have very much liked to have returned for the 40th reunion and seen some of the old friends. I hope that it is an outstanding gala affair and I wish each and everyone of my classmates a long and healthy year and future years to come.

I have included a packet with this letter that gives a little back ground on what I have been doing and some of the up and coming projects which I and my associates are presently undertaking. As far as my family, I am married to my second wife, for 15 years, Brenda. I have three sons, two by my first marriage, Michael and Charlie, and my adopted step-son, Adrian, by my second marriage. My first wife, Beth Weinberger Birenbaum, was a Hillcrest graduate, one year behind us, whom I was married to for 19 years and I am presently very close friends. I have no grandchildren, but a lot of nieces and great nieces and great nephews. And soon, my youngest son, Adrian, will be getting married. I hope in the very near future to have my very first grandchild.

Once again, I regret very much not having the opportunity to be with you all and hope that the weekend is an absolute smash and one hell of a good time. Once again, I remain as always, your friend and fellow classmate,

Dennis H. Birenbaum, M.D.


September 24 from Kathi Sammons, now Casey Bergen


Thought I would check in since Leslie and Sarah and I are planning on coming to the reunion on Saturday night. Hopefully I can pay at the door...still not positive I will be there till later this week.

Sorry to be so elusive, just had a lot of things going on, not that everyone else has not. We all seem to be really busy-the dream of retiring anytime soon seems far away for us!

Let's see-to catch up-I have a health food store on the Historic Town Square in Lancaster and love it. My husband Johnny Bergen now works in the Baylor Police department full time after 20 years in the construction business. We have two sons and 5 and a half grandchildren-the greatest part of growing older. Thomas and family live in Tyler where he is a minister ( Grace Community Church). Patrick and family live in Dallas and he is busy with www.paddygrams.com, his company. He also enjoys speaking to groups about his journey.

I love reading about everyone and hope to be there Saturday.

I appreciate all the hard work you all have done and feel a little bad I have not done one thing to help.

I will sign up to work hard on the 50th-promise!

Kathi Sammons, now Casey Bergen Jmacber@aol.com


September 23 from Buck Branson

Hi David, etal.,

A few minutes ago, I was noodling around on the reunion's website and came across the page with the names of our classmates who've paid and will be attending. I didn't see my name but my wife, Sheri, and I will be there for both Friday's and Saturday's wing-dings.

The check for $175 I mailed in late July cleared my account on 8 August. It was about the last of what little money I had to my name, so I hope it wasn't short-stopped and cashed by some jealous T.J. graduate who forged your name on the back.

If I have to pony-up again, let me know right away and I'll set up a lemonade stand this weekend. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend and thanks for all the work you've put in on this great humanitarian endeavor.


Buck Branson hapltd@hotmail.com


September 22 from Jared Knott

To: Joleta Bishop

As per our conversation here are the photos of my five and half year old twins, Mary Kathryn and Elizabeth Anne Knott: “ The Double Knotts “ ( Yuk Yuk ). I did not know until the other day that you have a forty year old daughter. It occurs to me that between the two of us we may have spanned the fertility range of the class of ’65 !!! An amazing feat.

Of course with modern science and human nature being what they are we will no really know for sure for another twenty years or so. In fact, as demonstrated over and over again on the t.v. soap operas - we will never really know for sure - will we?

A special note to my old debate partner Terry Wood. It is incredible. The rest of us had to fight and dig and work hard for all we have. You’re still the only guy I know who has been able to Bull S--- his way thru life. I guess “ troop dust” taught you a valuable lesson. ( Private joke.)

Kathryn and I are living in Atlanta ( actually Duluth home of the runaway bride.)

We have been greatly blessed and are very grateful. I am hoping to be able to make it to the reunion but may have commitments. ( You see Terry, some of us have to work for a living.)

If I am not able to make it, please extend my best wishes to every one in our very fortunate class. I promise I will be there for the fiftieth.

Jared Knott Brunabro@aol.com


September 21 from Jane Kersey Barfknecht

Married to Charles Barfknecht 39 years. One son - Chad and one daughter-Lisa.

Have been in business for myself for past 15 years. I am retiring end of this year. We will be moving to our Ranch in Muenster Texas.

We have cattle and Quarter Horses.

Jane Kersey Barfknecht Happytrails4you@aol.com


September 20 from Nancy Arthurs Mirkes

A friend has emailed me that you have outdated address, etc., for me, so no wonder I haven't received any info about the reunion! My email is nancy.mirkes@cbdfw.com (the email address in this message will soon be obsolete & messages to the new one are being forwarded to this one until this one expires). Unfortunately, we'll be out of town the week of the reunion, but I'm certainly looking forward to hearing all about it!

Best regards,

Nancy Arthurs Mirkes nmirkes@coldwellbanker.com


September 20 from Nell Bixler Mitchel

Pretty certain we will be out of town---but watching the hurricane.

Recently moved near Waxahachie and getting settled on our new farm---cows, horses, chickens, wild hogs and turkey, etc. Whatever happened to north Dallas! Waxahachie is a quaint little town with lots of antique stores and gingerbread/historic homes.

I have a MS in counseling/psychology and was recently in private practice, conducted workshops, and wrote a monthly magazine column, and earlier worked at prisons. Thinking I'm probably just going to stay home and enjoy family, grandchildren, etc.

Would love to hear from friends and what you are doing and where you are.

Warm wishes,

Nell Bixler Mitchel nbmitchel@sbcglobal.net


September 19 from Bobbi Suess Anders

I'm not going to be able to attend the reunion but hope you all have a wonderful time. I am currently living in Danbury, CT. Since graduating from Hillcrest I've lived in Wisconsin, New Jersey, Texas, back to Wisconsin, Iowa, Connecticut, North Carolina and back to Connecticut. I've been married to Frank for 34 years this November. Our son lives in California with his wife and son. Our daughter is returning to Richmond, VA after two years in NJ. I retired four years ago after a bout with cancer. I decided it was definitely time to stop and smell the roses...and pansies and peonies and...well, you get the idea. My current idea of a wonderful day is taking my watercolor paints to some beautiful park and painting for a few hours. Enjoy your weekend. I will be thinking of you.

Bobbi Suess Anders riponkd69@yahoo.com


September 18 from Ann Campbell (Denmark) seremites@webspeed.dk


September 18 from Peggy Womack

To Preston Hollow Alumni:

Can you help get in touch with our elementary
classmates? Dan D. Rogers has about 40 people coming
to lunch on Saturday and Preston Hollow has only 10.

Please let me know if you will be at the lunch, so we
can give Blue Mesa a good count.

See y'all very soon.

Peggy Womack peggywomack2001@yahoo.com


September 15 from Diana Slaughter Horan

Hi Everyone!

I am really looking forward to the reunion. Thanks to the planners for all their hard work. See you in a few weeks.



September 14 from Jean Blaydes Madigan (formerly Jean Stevenson)

My husband, Steve Madigan and I will be coming to the Friday night, Saturday Dan D. Rogers reunion and the Saturday night events.

Steve and I live in Murphy, Texas close to Plano . We have 5 married daughters in our blended family and 5 grand kids with one on the way in April.

I am an educational consultant, presenting workshops and keynotes on kinesthetic teaching strategies based on the brain research that supports movement in learning. Steve is a CPA Attorney, but he travels with me all over the USA and world for my presentations. We have been married for 3 years. He is a Richardson High School grad. I can't wait for you all to meet him.

(Formally) Jean Stevenson

Jean Blaydes Madigan jean@actionbasedlearning.com
Neurokinesiologist/Consultant/M. ED
Action Based Learning


September 14 from John Kamholz

I am writing you this email which I will then post on the Hillcrest web site. I didn't realize that when I get up every day and go to work that I was lost, but I am extremely happy now to be found. Being lost was not intentional on my part, and I appreciate the effort it took to find me. Especially now that I know that the 40th reunion will occur during my planned trip to visit my sister in Dallas. I don't believe in fate or karma, but it does make you wonder........

After graduation from Hillcrest in 65 I attended SMU for a year, and then transferred to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. I was involved at the time with Pamela Petritz, (Hillcrest class of 1966), and she attended NYU, then Barnard, then Penn in Philadelphia. As you recall, this was the turbulent 60s, and I was involved, at least peripherally, in sit-ins, the east cost folk music scene, the civil rights movement, and the columbia univesity take-over.....I majored in Physics and American History.....After graduation I had absolutely no clue what to do, so I worked at a number of entertaining but menial jobs: at a local Philadelphia book store, in a local rock band, as a yellow cab driver, and I finally ended up as an orderly in an inpatient methadone detox unit in a hospital in South Philadelphia. During my tenure at this job, I realized that I would have to do something, or remain at the bottom of the work force, so I decided to go to medical school....After all, my father was a doctor, so what else could I do?? So I went back to school and took premed courses, attended graduate school for a year in Molecular Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, and was then fortunately accepted there in medical school. During this same time I met my wife, Barbara, in organic chemistry.....she was also following a similar path, and was accepted at medical school at Hahnemann, also in Philadelphia. We were married in 1977.......

After completing school I did an internship and residency in Neurology also at the University of Pennsylvania, during which time my son, David, was born. My wife and I then moved to Bethesda, where I was a postdoctoral fellow at the NIH, working in a molecular biology laboratory. During this time my daughter, Rebecca, was born. After 3 years we returned to Philadelphia, where I got a job as a faculty member in the Neurology Department at Penn and supervised a research laboratory there. After seven years, we moved to Ann Arbor, MI. I am now on the faculty at Wayne State University in Detroit, and my wife is a Geriatric Pschiatrist at the Ann Arbor VA Hospital. My son David graduated from the University of Michigan a year or so ago, and is now working as a linguist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany (he will soon go to graduate school), and my daughter is a sophomore at Marlboro College in Vermont. So summarized in two paragraphs is my life for the last 40 years........Of course, I have left out all the most interesting details.........................!! For these, you'll have to ask me at the reunion in person.....


John Kamholz jkamholz@med.wayne.edu


September 12 from Sally Ann Hardy Wicks

Good Morning HHS of 1965.

I was checking the web site this morning about the reunion and found my name on the missing list. I wanted to give you some updated information.

Name in 1965
Sally Ann Hardy

Name in 2005
Sally Ann Wicks
I re-married 16 years ago so there is a name change required for your records, Please.

I won't be able to attend the reunion because my GRANDSON who lives in New York is coming to TEXAS for a visit with Grandma. Thanks for such great web site and good to see faces and names I haven't seen in so long.

Thank you again,

Sally Wicks Sally.Wicks@wnco.com


September 7 from Michael Mason

I will not be able to attend the reunion, but I thought I would send a
couple of photos of me engaging in one of my favorite pastimes, sailing. Thanks

Michael Mason mmason@ecentral.com


September 6 from Ken Noteware's update for his reason for not coming

I'm not getting married on Oct 1, my third eldest daughter is. I've been happily married for 32 years


September 4 from Bill Bragg


How dare you schedule our 40th Reunion on the opening weekend of The State Fair? I’ll be there anyway, if you don’t mind me being in wardrobe and smelling like a corny dog (I’ll be coming directly from the Fair and I have a Television Show at midnight).

Since Hillcrest I got really busy at trying to find a way to retire; but I have become a miserable failure at that endeavor! I started out by spending 27 years with Channel 11 and Channel 4 Television here in Dallas. In between my travels around the country (working with the NFL, 9 U.S. Presidents, The Pope and The Queen Of England), I secured the help of Trammell Crow and founded The National Museum Of Communications, Inc. The Museum lead to the formation of The Yesterday USA Satellite Radio Networks; which remain on the air in their 21st year. Then there was freelancing with CBS, NBC, ABC and a 3 year battle with colon cancer; but retirement was not in sight.

Next, I got involved in providing training, news and information (via satellite television) to The FBI, U.S. Customs, U.S. Border Patrol, The Homeland One Network; plus over 2,000 Police and Fire Departments. This was very rewarding work (especially during the days of 911), but 10 more years went by…and still no retirement!

Then I started doing LIVE Shows in front of a big audience at Six Flags and now the voice of BIG TEX at The State Fair Of Texas; but my contract requires me to keep saying “HOWDY FOLKS” until I die!

So now that I have eleven months a year between State Fair appearances to kill, I have gone back to work at EDS; the 20 billion dollar company that Ross Perot founded. I get to say “HOWDY” to our 120 thousand employees in 60 countries; via the EDS Global Broadcast Television Network. This is by far the most interesting work I have ever been involved with! We have delivered every frame of video, from all of Dr. Robert Ballard’s Expeditions to The Titanic, and we work closely with the GM OnStar Program, the U.S. Navy, The U.K. Ministry Of Defense and many other clients around the world! For the first time in my life; I don’t care about retiring any more.

Well as they say in the Biz, my check is in the mail! I am looking forward to seeing the old gang and I have enclosed a couple of pictures for your great website.

C U on the Radio!

Bill Bragg www.billbragg.com or billbragg@mail.com


PS: The other folks in the pictures are: Mr. Gene Autry, Country
Music Superstar Ronnie Milsap and Mrs. Bing Crosby.


August 28 from Sharon Walker Mastenbrook

Hello: The reunion sounds great. I won't be able to attend, but here's my update. I graduated from Texas Tech with a BA and MA in English. Years later I got a MS in Environmental Studies from Antioch University. I have lived in Madison Wisconsin, San Diego California and now I live in Concord, Massachusetts (I have lived in the Boston area since 1982). I married a man from Ft. Worth when I attended Texas Tech. We married in 1968 and have three terrific children (26, 23, 19). Our son is 19 and starting a community college and working and living at home. Our older daughter is moving to Shanghai China for two years to teach English. She is a violinist and violin teacher. Our younger daughter is living in the San Francisco area. She is a photographer and graphics designer and works at a film developing place. I am a Health Agent at a local public health department (Burlington, MA). I am in charge of environmental public health programs (food establishments, mobile trucks, housing, tanning, massage, septic, pools, camps, body art, emergency beaver permits, emergency preparedness, etc.). It keeps me busy. My ex-husband and I divorced a few years ago. He lives in Texas. I have enjoyed reading about my former classmates. I confess I have trouble remembering everyone. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. swmastenbrook@comcast.net.

Good Luck to the party planners and party goers and if there are pictures, please put them on the web.


Sharon Walker Mastenbrook

P.S. I have attached a recent picture of myself taken while on a bicycle trip.


August 21 from Joe Gordon

Dear David and Sue,

Thanks for all the behind the scenes work that you both must have given to put on the reunion. Unfortunately my wife and I Are going up to San Francisco to be with our daughter to help her celebrate her 21th birthday( Oct 1). At the last reunion that I attended, we had the youngest baby!

 Good luck to everyone and know that my thoughts will with you on this weekend.


 Joe jngordon1@yahoo.com


August 20 from Hugh James

Dear Joleta,

I know that you are getting anxious to hear from people concerning plans to attend the reunion. It sounds like you and the other organisers are arranging a great 40th get together. Unfortunately, I shall be unable to attend unless I have a change in my current schedule.

I am currently in Lahore , Pakistan where I am running the privatisation of Pakistan ’s national gas industry. I travel here every several weeks. Originally my travel schedule fit with the reunion timing. Unfortunately, a regulatory hearing in New Zealand concerning some oil interests has disrupted my plans an makes it necessary for me to travel to Auckland at the same time as the reunion. I have been hoping to reschedule the hearing, but have thus far had no luck.

It is hard to believe that forty years have passed since we left Hillcrest. Over this time, I have worked for a number of companies including a couple of my own in energy and infrastructure development. During the 1990’s I lived in Australia where I founded the organisation that became the largest gas transmission and gas-fired power development company in the country. When I left, the company was a four billion dollar organisation operating in Australia , New Zealand , and Indonesia . Since 2000 I have worked as a private investment promoter, investor and also advised companies and governments on energy infrastructure. My activities in addition to Pakistan currently include work/investments in Australia , New Zealand , Japan , Argentina , Bolivia , Brazil , and the UK .

My wife, Karen teaches the gifted and talented classes in Language Arts at a school in St. Petersburg during the school year. When she is not teaching, she travels with me and helps in my activities which resulted in much of her summer being spent here in Pakistan and Argentina . Karen and I met while we were both working in Korea and were married in 1983.

If there is any change in my plans, I shall let you know. Is there a date after which it is too late to let you know that Karen and I are available?

 Yours truly,

 Hugh hrjames.pcg@verizon.net or hrjames@alum.mit.edu


August 14 from Jeanne "Mimi" Rose Patterson

Just a quick note to update those interested.  I will not be attending as I am going to be in Nevada waiting the birth of my 14th grandchild.  My cup runs over!  Since Hillcrest I was married 20 years and have 4 great kids.  They are all married and live close, except the Nevada Pattersons.  I have a masters degree in Counseling and undergrad in Early Childhood.  I have taught in  private christian schools for 26 years.  Currently, I am the coordinator of Pre-School and Kindergarten at Faith Christian in Grapevine.  I also work with students who have learning disabilities.  This year I will be counseling at school and at our Counseling Center in Irving.    Have fun at the reunion, Jeanne,Mimi, Rose Patterson

 Yours truly,

Jeanne "Mimi" Rose Patterson jpattersontx@msn.com


July 14 from Dan Ballenger

I would like to offer to supply wine for the party on Friday night.

I own a wine store in Dallas called Best Cellars, on Knox. As the time approaches, all I would need is an idea of how many people are expected and I will do the rest.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Dan dan@ballenger.us


May 31 from from Lisa Davis (daughter of Lynn Richards Davis)

Lynn Richards Davis is not lost - she is alive and well!

She has spent the last 30+ years in Austin, Texas raising two "perfect" kids and helping countless students find their way through the University of Texas at Austin. She has done such a terrific job over the years that UT Students honored her with the Eyes of Texas award. Her kids honor her regularly by staying out of trouble (e.g., jail, etc.).

As her daughter and a former UT Student, I can vouch that she has gone above-and-beyond all expectations at home and at the University. She looks forward to re-connecting with her friends from Hillcrest High and learning of their many adventures, while sharing her own adventures along the way.

I am certain she will be embarrassed by this email, but I am also very proud of her and I know she will have fun catching up with all of you.


May 23 from Nancy Koch Lovell

1.Married 35 years ( June 20) to fabulous and handsome James L. Lovell, MD- yes an OB-GYN, not animal house, but he is a Phi Delt! Deacon and great husband, dad, and Sunday School teacher- not to mention one great DOC!

2.My degrees:- for what is is worth..... B.S. Elementary Ed. UT Austin; M. Ed. Trinity University; B.A. French, Trinity University

3.Three children
Marie Lovell Allen - UT, honors government major, teaching certificate- high school; married, lives in Houston with husaband- Brandon Trent Allen an attorney; has 3 babies Elizabeth 4, William 2, and Katherine 5 months ( May 17tyh)

Matthew David Lovell- single, University of Richmond B.A. Business; St. Mary's Law School, 2005, JD degree Looking for a JOB...... Anyone?

James Michael Lovell- University of the Incarnate Word, 2004;job with Waddell and Reed, pending passage of all the tests!

Interests: love to sing- choir in church- still a soprano. Love teaching French at the San Antonio Christian Schools. ( 9-12th)

Love to travel;Need to study the Bible more- that should be my passion....; love our labs- Walker- white, and Windsor- chocolate; love to watch them hunt, even though I can't hit the broad side of a barn. My husbands and sons can- that's good news!

Waiting for my sons to marry and have really GOOD jobs so that Jim and I can play again!
Will arrange for trips to France for those who would like to go..... I've been there and I KNOW where to stay!:

Nancy n.lovell2347@sbcglobal.net


March 30 from Terry Wood:

Hi guys… I don’t know who exactly is getting this so this is kind of like talking to an anonymous answering machine.

Anyway… I just checked the web site.. fantastic job. I will be coming and will also make a donation. What kind of pictures are you looking for. I do have promotional pictures the TV station puts out and a copy of a billboard ad with me on it. I am the main news anchor on the ABC affiliate in Salt Lake City , which should explain why I am on a billboard. I used to be just on telephone poles… but that was when strayed from home.

I have also been in several movies and television shows so there are promotional pictures from that. 

So let me know what you are looking for…and how to make a donation. I am looking forward to seeing everyone……..and remembering it, this time. I believe it was the 20th reunion when I was the anchor at the Atlanta ABC affiliate and the day of the reunion, a Delta jet crashed at DFW. The station, knowing I was in Dallas , called and asked me to do a live shot at the airport for the 6pm news. It was a hot, August day.. I was working alone and trying to find a WFAA crew to shoot my piece. I just barely got it done, got to the crash site, did the live remote for Atlanta and finished up in time to change clothes in the car and get to the reunion out at the Kopinski, I believe it was. I was so stressed and thirsty by the time I got there, I downed multiple cocktails (to replenish fluids, of course).

All I remember is the first few minutes of the reunion…. And either Sue Tarpley or Pat Hall getting mad at me during the Arthur Kramer picture. (If this is Sue reading this..I’m sorry for whatever I did).

By the 30th reunion… Alzheimers had set in… so again,I remember nothing! 

Now, with a totally clean slate, I look forward to the 40th……if I can only remember what it is we are commemorating.

Terry TerryWood2@clearchannel.com


March 9, 2005 : Dear Classmates of David Robert Miller,

My mother received the postcard to David about your 40th reunion. I wanted to let you know that David died of complications of heart disease in 1988 in Dallas .  It was a terrible loss for all of us.

After graduation David earned his BS in Electrical Engineering at SMU where he co-oped at Texas Instruments.  He landed a great job there after completing his degree and worked for TI in Dallas , Houston , and Boston .  Later he moved to San Jose , CA and a position at Fairchild Electronics. There he met Denise and married in 1985.  Their daughter Elizabeth, the light of his life, was born the next year.

David is survived by his daughter, Elizabeth, now a student at University of Nevada-Las Vegas; his mother, Elizabeth Miller of Dallas; his sisters, Carol Withers of Dallas, Janet Young of The Woodlands, TX, Susan Martin of El Lago, TX, & Linda Brock of Denton; his widow Denise (now married to Michael Ashbaugh).

Please share this information with all who may fondly remember David.


Linda (Miller) Brock



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